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Professional and special occasion clothing requires more than a regular washer and dryer. These garments need the attention of trusted professionals who have the right equipment and knowledge of fabric care. Trust the expert service at Blue Ribbon Dry Cleaners and Tailors for every professional cleaning need.

Blue Ribbon Dry Cleaners and Tailors treats delicate formal wear items, including wedding dresses, with the very best care to ensure they get the beauty they deserve without having to go through any rough, outdated cleaning processes. Their professional dry cleaning services ensure that garments retain their bright colors and shine.

Their expert dress shirt cleaning service provides a ready-to-wear, professional image for each garment. Crisp collars, smooth cuffs, and a professional finish ensure a perfectly pressed appearance every time.

Not only is Blue Ribbon Dry Cleaners and Tailors an expert with delicate garments, but their professionals are experienced dry cleaners who can handle cleaning cushions and comforters as well. It is recommended that household items, such as bedding, be laundered regularly to avoid germs and bacteria buildup. They have the capabilities to do this with oversized machines that can handle large dry cleaning jobs

. Their cleaning and laundry services avoid harsh bleaches to prevent shrinkage and damage to the garment’s material, resulting in clothing that will last 30% longer than it will with ordinary washes. Utilizing only the latest technology and equipment in their dry cleaning service, they guarantee that clothes will be handled in a timely manner and made available when needed.

Trust the experts at Blue Ribbon Dry Cleaners and Tailors in Red Bank, NJ for state-of-the-art dry cleaning services. Call for more information or drop off your clothing today.