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Alterations are defined as less extensive changes to a garment that can change the way the garment fits and are usually focused on one particular fit area. These changes are often subtle, but can make a big difference in the overall appearance of a professional look. When presenting a proposal to an important client, sales professionals need to put their best foot forward and cannot afford to be wearing oversized, ill-fitting suits.

Blue Ribbon Dry Cleaners and Tailors can re-size clothes so they feel natural and comfortable. This can be as simple as taking up a hem or shortening a sleeve. From zipper repair to creating a perfect seam on a pair of pants, they have every alteration covered. There is no need to give away your favorite clothing items because they no longer fit. The expert tailors can make small adjustments to make the clothing wearable again.

The expert seamstresses and tailors at Blue Ribbon Dry Cleaners and Tailors take extra care to find the alterations that work best for you and your garment. They are experts in custom wedding dress alterations and can add a beautiful belt or reconstruct a bodice or skirt to fit each individual taste.

In order to ensure wedding dress alterations are made in time for the wedding, a reservation and a custom fitting will need to be arranged with our expert tailors in our Red Bank, NJ shop. After the event, Blue Ribbon Dry Cleaners and Tailors offers dress dry cleaning and preservation.

Trust Blue Ribbon Dry Cleaners and Tailors in Red Bank, NJ for expert alterations to enhance any outfit. Call or visit today.